What feelings did I consistently experience in last year?

During the course of our lives we all feel a mixture of emotion on a daily basis. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes angry other times at peace. We give them a myriad of different names and we attribute to them a variety of causes. It is clear that we work to achieve things and to be successful because we perceive that we will experience more positive emotions than negative emotions when we are successful.

All too often we evaluate success in terms of achieving goals, acquiring objects or achieving a certain status in life, but the true measure comes from the emotions we experience. So if you want to know how successful you are in the coming year, it is necessary to know what life was like in the past year.

In the columns below write down the positive and negative feelings i.e. love, gratitude, forgiveness, truth, contribution, anger, frustration etc. that you experienced on a regular basis last year.

As you think of each emotion, try to recall the situation you were in when you experienced it, so that you know how the year went in detail. If you can’t recall the event, then the emotion was probably minor and not worth recording. This is designed to give you a clear sense of where your emotional state was last year, which in turn shows any areas of improvement that may be needed, and also the areas to celebrate and to enhance this year.

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