Values and Beliefs

As discussed earlier, we all have core values and beliefs; whether we know it or not. These values and beliefs completely determine the direction of your life – nothing else has such a profound effect on your future. So sorting this area out will make all the difference when it comes to goal achievement. If you have ever had difficulty achieving goals in the past then it is highly likely that you will have had conflict in your values and beliefs.

When your values are compromised you feel bad and when you are living your life in-line with your values, you tend to feel more comfortable and more in control.

You also have secondary values which can be appropriate for a certain amount of time or in certain situations, ones that you bring to the fore as required as the events in your live unfold. For example – you may want to increase your courage as you start a new job or promote your value of availability to your children when you have a young family. These are situational values.

We all have beliefs about things we believe we can do and things we believe we can’t, and also things we believe are right and things we believe are wrong. Henry Ford famously said “if you believe you can or you believe you can’t – you are right”. The fact is – what you believe, tends to happen. So it is far more productive to believe you can – and then just do it!

The first step in driving your life in the direction you want is to find out what your values and beliefs are. Once you know what they are, you can determine if your desired goals are in conflict or harmony with your values. It could be that there are some values and beliefs that are in harmony and some that are in conflict. In this case it is important to bring them into alignment.

It is also important to understand that not all values are equal, you have values that are highly important and those than are less important. Therefore the order is crucial to your behaviour and will determine the way you work, rest and play.

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