Time Management Tip #2 – Invest Your 86,400 Wisely

Time Management Tip #2 – Invest Your 86,400 Wisely

There is a simple fact of life that most people do not realise. No matter what you want you have to invest to get it. It does not matter whether it is a happy family or a lot of money, you have to invest to get it. What you invest can vary, it could be that you invest money to build your wealth or you could invest time, but the fact is you are going to have to invest.

There is one thing about investing time that is very different to investing money – you are always investing time, whether you plan to or not, so when it comes to time, it is about directing your investment, not about whether to invest or not. Every second of every day is passing on a continuous basis, you cannot stop time, so the currency of time is being spent with or without a plan.

Time Management is about having a plan on how you are going to invest your time.

There are 86,400 seconds in every day and you should ensure that you have a clear plan for each one, and that plan must include every area of a healthy, fulfilling and prosperous life:

  • Health & well-being
  • Family & relationships
  • Wealth and abundance
  • Personal growth

Only once you create a balanced life where you are spending the right amount of time in each of these areas will you find true happiness and fulfilment. The right amount is different for each person, but you must plan to invest your time in each of these areas.



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