Time Management: The Sales People

There are three key factors that every sales person within most industries really should place as golden rules in their daily routine.

  1. Sales people have to be available for customer calls, so this needs to be allowed for in the schedule. Although it is important to avoid interruptions in your day, if your primary focus is customer sales, then being responsive to customers is a very important part of your position. In order to allow for this, allow extra time for each task and larger gaps between tasks.
  2. Allow 2.5 hours per day for cold calling as a minimum. The best sales people spend up to 4 hours on pro-active calling every day. Obviously, you can’t spend more time than that because you also have to respond to the work that comes from those calls, but without this time your effectiveness as a sales person will be limited. Also make sure you set targets for your sales calls, don’t just decide on an amount of time, but make sure it is results orientated. This means that it is not about activity but the results of that activity. So you would aim to make a set number of appointments from the calls made, not a set number of calls.
  3. Create three files for prospects. Hot …. Warm …. Cold …. This will allow you to prioritise your calling. If you group all your prospects in one ‘pot’ you will not be able to effectively allocate the right amount of time to the right group. Put the most effort into the hot prospects, then the warm prospects and then finally the cold prospects. You only have a set amount of time in each day to spend, so focus first on the prospects that are likely to bring in results. However, you still have to allow some time for the warm and cold prospects as well.

When it comes to time management – goal setting, prioritisation and focus are key differentiators between those who are highly successful and those that get by.

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