Time Management Killer – The Long To-Do List

Time Management Killer – The Long To-Do List

One of the key things everyone needs as a fundamental part of any time management strategy is a to-do list. Every time management system says it is a vital first step to creating order and management. Without a to-do list your time management simply is not possible.

It is completely unrealistic to even consider being organised if you are trying to keep everything you need to do in your head, unless you are a magician with a memory act. If you are trying to remember all the things you have to do, the actual doing would be highly diluted because your mind could never focus fully on the task at hand.

So a to-do list is completely necessary when it comes to time management, but the problem is that all too often the to-do list gets too long. I have seen to-do lists with 20, 30 and even 40 items on it. I myself have a to-do list that is nearly 50 items long right now.

Without a clear time management strategy for dealing with a long to-do list the top task often becomes one of getting the to-do list down to a manageable size. Instead of dealing with the things that are most productive and most important it becomes a case of clearing the quick tasks to cut the size of the to-do list.

Instead of spending your time being productive you spend your time cutting the list by clearing unimportant items because with a long to-do list you really can’t see the wood for the trees.

So if you want to be highly productive you must ensure that your time management system has a strategy for dealing with a long to-do list. It is critically important that you maintain complete focus on the tasks that are goal orientated. Time management is about achieving the tasks that generate the ultimate outcome desired at all times.

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