Time Management Killer – Re-reading The Same Information Again

Time Management Killer – Re-reading The Same Information Again

The amount of information that is received every day by people in any situation, both at work and at home never seems to get less, it always seems to increase, which is why effective time management is so important. All to often the temptation when you are busy is to quickly open you messages, whether email, letters, voicemail etc and to go through them to look for anything urgent. The problem with this is that you can have a situation where you read an email or letter, then mark it as unread or put it back in your in-tray to deal with later. When you come back to the letter later to deal with it you then re-read the information again.

Often you could then decide that this requires more time than you have then and you put it back for a later date, at which point you may re-read the information a third time. This is a very common  problem that usually goes completely un-noticed and is not covered in most time management systems. It is vitally important to ensure that you avoid situation where you have to re-read the same information over again.

Studies have shown that re-reading the same information again and again can loose you a month a year in your effective time. That’s 8% of you working time wasted through poor time management in one simple area.

So effective time management in this area with an effective system for dealing with correspondence and messages could allow you to save a month a year of your time. You could take the month of August off work for a holiday and still get just as much work done as you were before just by changing this one simple time management mistake. Though your boos might suggest that you actually work the extra month of time you have.

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