Time Management Killer – No System for Organising

Time Management Killer – No System for Organising

Most time management systems will talk about organising your tasks and focusing on key goals at all times, but one of the key killers of time management is failing to have a structured system for organising your resources. There are many ways in which being disorganised can eat away at your time minute by minute on a constant daily basis.

Areas that must be organised and closely managed to ensure maximum time management.

  • Email – keeping all your email in your inbox is a guaranteed to make it extremelyhard to manage your time effectively.
  • Files and correspondence. Failing to have an organised system for managing files and correspondence.
  • Failing to store key documents such as passport and insurance certificates in an organised location.
  • Failing to keep project information together in a single location.
  • Failing to have a structured system for managing your filing cabinets so that information can be located quickly.
  • Failing to have a structured system for storing information on your computer system and files servers.
  • Failing to ensure that all digital information is easily accessible to the right people within the organisation.
  • Failing to ensure staff members only have access to information that is relevant to their work – access to too much information is also a problem when it come to time management.

It is not just about time wasted searching for information it is also about ensuring that tasks can be organised in such a way that they can be effectively delegated to others. If the information needed for a project is only accessible to one person then only that person can work on it.

Key personnel that are disorganised in the way they store information become a significant limiting factor on the growth and performance of a business. The way you organise information and documents is a critical factor in effective time management.

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