Time Management Killer – Hoarding Useless Information

Time Management Killer – Hoarding Useless Information

Having a cluttered environment  is a major problem in time management, so it seems logical to file everything away to keep it out of the way, and it is very important to keep your environment clear of clutter. The problem arises when you are filing away information you are not likely to need again in the future.

It has been shown that over 86% of all information that is filed away is never needed again. If you were to go through any filing cabinet that you have had for more than a year you will see that you have large amounts of information that you have not looked at since you put it in there.

Before I learned this killer of time management myself I had a large two draw filing cabinet at home just for my personal records. In that filing cabinet I had so much information that I was totally unnecessary. I had purchase receipts for electrical goods that I had bought several years earlier. I originally kept the receipt for the warranty period, but I still had the information year after I no longer had the item I had bought. I had insurance policies that had expired and bills and bank statements going back over 20 years.

The result was a filing cabinet that was full of information which means that whenever I wanted to find something important I would spend excessive amounts of time searching through all the redundant information that I would never need again.

In order to be highly effective in time management it is vital to ensure that you de-clutter your filing system. It is also important to do the same with your emails and file server. Cut out everything that could get in the way of being fast and efficient at getting information.

Real time management is not just about what you do, it’s also about avoiding the things that will take away your efficiency.

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