Time Management Killer – Failing to Schedule Effectively

Time Management Killer – Failing to Schedule Effectively

One of the key killers of time management is failing to use your schedule in a way that promotes focus on key important activities. Having a schedule or a diary is something most people have but fewer that 2% of managers and executives actually use it in a way that builds productivity.

Most people have a diary or scheduling system of some sort, it could be a page per day diary, a calendar system on a computer or even a calendar on the wall. However, most do not use it as the vital tool in time management that it is, and few traditional time management systems use them to maximum effect.

Most people use their schedule or diary to log appointments and meetings, if you have a sales call to a customer then it goes in the diary, if you have a meeting with your production team then it goes in the diary, your mother’s birthday and your daughter’s school play all go in the diary. The problem is that these are not the only highly important tasks that need to be done on a daily basis for most people.

If all you are using your diary and schedule for is to log meetings and events, then you are failing to take effective control of your time. An effective time management system includes a set of strategies that would include efficient use of your diary to ensure that your are scheduling the tasks you need to do in an effective way.

The days of a to-do list on a notepad and a separate day planner with appointments hopefully are behind us for highly effective managers with a modern time management system. Every aspect of your time management and time planning system must be integrated to maximum effect. Failing to use your schedule to manage tasks as well as events is one of the fundamental killers of time management.

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