Time Management and Your Goals

Time Management and Your Goals

Time management and goal setting are inexorably linked. There is no point in managing your time unless you are working towards a known outcome and likewise there is no point in setting a goal unless you are going to take clear organised action towards its achievement. So if that is the case, why do so many goal setting books miss out the planning and actions stage of the process?

Most writers on this subject realise that the major problems with achieving goals is more to do with your mental state than the actions you need to take to achieve them. Also why do so many books on time management fail to look at the goal setting process?

Most often the reason is simply that the two subjects have traditionally been examined from opposite directions, so goal setters think all you need it the right attitude and you will make the actions happen, whilst time management experts assume you already have your goals set before you start.

These two approaches, whilst quite valid in there own perspective, do leave the process of building a successful life or business a little bit incomplete for a lot of people. This could be why so many people that read self-help books on goal setting actually never achieve their goals and why so much time management training fails to make people more successful because it simply makes them better at doing more of the things that don’t create the desired outcome.

In the end creating success has to start with a clearly defined set of goals that encompass all aspects of the persons life, include a strategic planning phase with time management at the core and include strategies to overcome the road-blocks along the way.
That is what this site is dedicated to. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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