The Seven Killers of Time Management

The Seven Killers of Time Management

There are many strategies available from as many different proponents of time management from every field of human endeavour. Each one suits different situations and different people. Often it can be hard to know which time management system is right for which situation and which person, but it can be a lot easier to decide when you look at it from the opposite end of the problem.

There are a number of key factors that cause the efforts of any time management strategy to fall apart and these factors can be grouped into seven key killers of time management. Once you understand the factors that are working against you in your efforts to be highly effective, it becomes much easier to implement a series of time management strategies that will work effectively to maximise your results consistently.

The Seven Killers of Time Management

These are the seven key factors that hold back the best efforts of people and businesses globally, and I guarantee that if you are falling victim to any of them, then you can make massive improvements in your effectiveness rapidly.

  1. Reactive v Proactive – being in a reactive mode to the seemingly urgent instead of focusing on the really important. This one factor alone can reduce your effective productivity by as much as 75%.
  2. Again and again – rereading the same information more than once. Studies have shown that this one factor can waste as much as a month a year in wasted time.
  3. The open door policy – contrary to popular belief, being available all the time reduces your efficiency and that of your staff. Senior executives in large corporations don’t do it – so neither should you.
  4. A very long ‘to-do list’ – you become a victim of list clearing instead of goal achieving.
  5. In-effective use of your daily schedule – most people fail to strategically utilise their daily schedule effectively and thereby fail take charge of their time management.
  6. No organisational system for managing projects, documents and information – your time is drained away in unseen chaos.
  7. Hoarding useless information – clutter and information overload are massive killers of time management.

Once you fully understand the massive effects of these problems your entire business and life can be brought swiftly under control and driven forward rapidly. Time management is not just about putting in place effective strategies, but also about understanding where your efforts are being secretly eroded.

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