The Power of Now

We are forever rushing to get things done so that we can get to the next thing. Working on one thing but thinking about the next. When we are in the shower we are already thinking about getting dressed to go to work, when we are driving to work, we are already thinking about the things we have to do when we get there. The things we are actually doing at that moment are simply a means to an end.
Whilst many people think that this is efficient and an effective use of their time, in reality it is much better to focus your efforts on the task at hand. This makes the outcome of that moment more effective and efficient and ensures the actions being taken #### are both effective and efficient. The more efficient you can be in the current moment the more productive you will be and that is a function of your state of presence.
Nothing can be achieved tomorrow, nor can anything be achieved yesterday. Everything we have ever achieved in life was achieved in the present moment. At the moment you achieve anything; that moment is ‘now’. Ok, once the moment has passed it becomes the past, but at the moment you achieve anything, that moment is the present moment. You cannot do anything at any other time than the present. Now is the only time you can take action, there is no other time when action is possible.
I know I often get told “you achieved that yesterday, not now.” But yesterday when I achieved whatever it was, at that time it was ‘now’. And, when I think about the things I have done, I think of them now. So I can only take action now and I can remember those actions now, but the moment of power is now!
You cannot take action in the future, because the future is not here. You can plan to take action in the future, but the planning is done now. And when you come to take the action, then that moment will be now.

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