The Importance of the Goal

The Importance of the Goal

Now that you have clearly identified your goals for the year, it is time to start the planning process. A goal without a plan is just a dream. There are many people who set goals but never get past the dream stage and then wonder why they never achieve their goals. Also you do not need to plan the entire process from beginning to end.

It may be that you cannot actually see how you are going to achieve some or even all of your goals. This may seem really difficult, but in reality the less clearly you can see the route to your goals now, the more your creative imagination can run wild. The most important think is to brainstorm as many ideas and steps as possible to ensure that you have the highest likelihood of success. Use a notepad to brainstorm as many ideas as possible.

At the end of the process you will need to decide on the first steps to take, which could be to simply find someone else who has achieved what you want and to ask them how to do it. This can often be the fastest way to get short cuts to success. Remember it is highly likely, unless you are aiming for something completely new, than someone else somewhere has already been there before.

So take a few minutes to really think about the possibilities that are available and write them down – but don’t get hung up with trying to find the right solution at this stage, just write down any ideas that you have – no matter how silly or unlikely they are to succeed. You will be surprised how often a ‘silly’ idea leads to a highly intuitive and effective solution. The intuitive faculty of the mind works best when the judgemental tendency is disabled. So don’t judge the ideas, simply let them flow. Once you have a whole list of ideas you can start thinking about how each one can work. Again don’t ask if they can work, assume that every idea you have put down has the potential to work. Only when you have found the ways in which they can work and written them down should you start to look at which one you want to try first. Notice that we still have not looked at how it won’t work, only how it will. By limiting your thought processes to only look at ways in which your ideas can succeed, you reduce the likelihood of missing the golden ticket to achieving your goals in the fastest possible time.

So you have the first route you want to go down, the first step towards your goal. Now you ask the question “is this likely to be effective in moving me in the right direction fastest?” If the answer is yes then make that the first action you take.

Repeat the process for all 6 of your goals until you have first action points decided and you have written them down in the boxes.

Once the first step has been decided on, take action, don’t delay, do something towards that first step. The worst thing you can do once you have decided on the step to take is to delay taking it. Highly effective people make decisions fast and take action on them immediately. Even if the action you take is to firmly schedule a time to do something, after all you may not be popular if you phone a colleague at 11:30pm on a Sunday night, but make sure that you take the first step.

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