The First Step For Successful Time Management and Goal Setting

The First Step For Successful Time Management and Goal Setting

Have you noticed that no matter what you do, you always have exactly the same amount of time as everyone else? We all have 24 hours in every day. Have you also noticed that some people seem to be able to earn vast amounts of money in the 24 hours that they have and others struggle to get by. Some people seem to spend so much time enjoying leisure activities, travelling, visiting people and spending time on sports, hobbies and other things, whilst still having enough time to work and earn a comfortable living, whereas other people work long hours, earn little and have no time or energy left to do anything else.

For many this disparity seems unjust and unfair – why should one person enjoy so much more than another when they appear to spend less time and effort achieving it. Surely the hard working person should earn more and receive the lion’s share of the rewards! But life is not set up that way. The simple truth is that you do not get paid for the hours work, but for the value you create.

When you seek to build greater value you have two choices, you can work more hours or you can get more done in the hours you work.

If you work in a business or own a business then creating effective outcomes is key to your business success and that means setting effective goals or targets to hit and effective time management to ensure that you remain on target throughout. Without both these ingredients you are likely to struggle to achieve the outcomes you desire.

In the early days of my business, managing my time was really easy; I worked mostly alone and rarely had more than one or two things going on at any one time. As my business grew and I had more customers to work with, I had more things going on and I realised that I needed to organise my time better, so I began creating a variety of systems to ensure I stayed on track. I became more successful and began employing additional staff to work with me, which added more things for me to do, making my life even more complex. This meant that I had to get even better at time management as I worked to complete more and more things in the same amount of time.

I then started to investigate systems and programs for goal setting and time management from a variety of sources, looking for the ultimate success system.

It is clear from the studies of the greatest people in the world of business that there are four main factors that create success. First you have to determine what success looks like and we will cover that in the next chapter. Secondly you have to set clear goals to achieve success, third you have to have a plan to achieve it and fourth you have to manage your time to ensure that you stay on track on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. If you set a goal, make a plan and then ensure you follow that clearly defined plan to its conclusion you will achieve your goals, it is a mathematical certainty.

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