Planning Your Week

Once you have your month planned, it is time to break that down into weekly chunks that you can then break down into daily tasks.

Planning your week is very much the same as planning your month in that you take your goals for the month and break them down into weekly chunks. Each week you go back to the outcomes you have set for the month. You then decide what you are going to do that week to achieve those goals based on what you have achieved so far in the month.

I recommend doing this on a day when you have the time and detachment to think about these actions carefully. For this I recommend a Sunday evening rather than waiting for Monday morning. This way you will also sleep on them before you start the new week on Monday morning.

Remember to keep a balance in your goals – don’t just focus on work or any one category in the week, but instead ensure that you have a balance between the three main areas of your life, work, health and relationships, plus any others that are important to you.

If we take the example of the trip to Disneyland at Christmas, it could be that we have a goal to save a set amount of money each month. In order to do that it could be that we need to sell a certain number of products each week, work a certain number of hours overtime or produce a set number of items. Whatever it is we have to do to achieve the monthly goal, we would break it down to create a weekly goal here.

It could be that you have a lot of things you want to achieve across the entire month, but remember to be as realistic in what you can achieve in one week as you had to be when setting your monthly goals. Set challenging goals, but not ones that are virtually impossible to achieve.

Once you have set your goals for the week you should then decide on the tasks you will work on this week. These will be from the tasks you set for the month and possibly other tasks that you have not specifically set for this month.

On the next page is a sample of the weekly planning page from the Ultimate Success System Diary, which includes a section for communications. This is where you would put a list of those people you need to contact, whether by phone, email, letter or even meet in person.

Regardless of the goals you set for the week, it is important to ensure that you take positive action as soon as possible. Do not let the enthusiasm you have for your goals wane before you have started to do something towards their realisation.

Keeping the momentum going is important throughout the month, which in turn will keep the momentum going throughout the year. This leads us onto the daily routine for the achievement of your goals and the daily planning that is the basis of a successful year.

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