On Goal Settings: A Rounded Life

It seems to me that there are more books on success than any other subject. We are all seeking it in one form or another, regardless of the language we use to define it. There are courses, seminars, books, CDs, DVDs, novels and movies about success. But what is success? In reality it can mean virtually anything you want it to mean. For some people it is all about money and wealth, for others it is about family and relationships, for others it is about career and achievement. Whatever your concept of success is, I would suggest that you should set goals in all these areas.

Whatever definition you choose is not really important so long as it is well balanced, ethical and ultimately for the greater good. Whatever your reasons for your definition, be sure that it sits well with your sense of personal justice. As I said in the introduction, it is vitally important to ensure that you choose a version of success that will raise your life and move you in the direction you desires.

One of the key factors in defining what success is, is to look at why we seek success. Why is often a lot easier to define than to define what it is. When you ask people why they want success they will invariably come up with a relatively non-specific answer initially, but if you then ask why they want that and keep going, you will eventually reach the same answer from everyone. The specific words may very, but the meaning is always the same. The answer is always ‘happiness’ or something with a similar meaning such as fun, enjoyment, fulfilment.

Once this is understood, it can be clearly seen that true happiness comes from a rounded life that includes multiple areas, not just money or health.
In this system it is important for you to define your success, as you cannot achieve it if you do not have a clear idea of what it looks like when you get there. In addition you will almost certainly have different areas of your life that will have different definitions of success. For example your concept of success in you career will probably be very different to your concept of success in your family life. Likewise you should think about areas such as health and finances as separate areas.

So success is whatever you define it as in any particular category, but there are specific notions that we can use as examples.For example, in the category of career you may well decide that you wish to advance your career to a new level, or switch to a new position within a new field of expertise. In the field of finances you may decide that you wish to clear your debts, increase your income to a new higher level, or even switch to passive income in order to work towards real financial freedom.

In all these areas you will want to clearly define those ideas and turn them into clear goals.We will discuss each of these areas separately and in doing so you will also create categories of specific focus for the coming year.Now what matters is how you are going to get from where you are to where you want to be, and that requires knowledge of three things;

1. Know where you are;
2. Know where you want to be;
3. Know the next step you are going to take.

So long as you always know these three things then success is just about doing what you know, in a structured and organised way. You need never again have a moment when you are not on purpose and moving in the direction of your goals.

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