No daily schedule

No daily schedule

Most people have a calendar, either in a diary or on a computer, where they schedule their meetings and appointments. This is very important, I would be lost without my online diary, which I have synchronised with my handheld device to ensure that I know where I am supposed to be, when and what for, even when I am away from my computer. This is technology at its best. I also ensure that if I have a meeting that is away from my office, I calculate what time I have to leave and set an alarm on my handheld to remind me five minutes before I need it.

Whilst that is great for scheduled meetings and appointment, it is not the most important use of your diary.

Most people fail to schedule tasks and projects. This makes it difficult to focus on the important things and to plan the accomplishment of the things that really need to be done.
If you fail to schedule when you are going to actually do the items on your to-do-list, then you will find that you are constantly referring back to the list to see if anything has become more urgent than the task you are on. Your focus is split between doing the thing you are on now and keeping in mind the other things to be done.

It comes back to ensuring single minded focus on the most important task in hand now. Nothing can detract from your effectiveness more than failing to correctly schedule your to-do-list items, allowing you to relax, knowing all things are planned and managed.

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