Hoarding Useless Information

Hoarding Useless Information

Hoarding of useless information happens to all of us at some time, but it is a massive killer of your time management. There are many things that starts off being useful but then after a time they’re not. Things like old emails. At the time you needed to keep them but you never go back to delete them later.

Old brochures, this is a classic one, you wanna keep a brochure for a while, you’re looking at different products you wanna buy you go and get different brochures for each one, you put them in a file, you go and review them, then you buy the product but you never throw away the brochure afterwards.

Old technical manuals you bought a new piece of equipment, a photocopier, a DVD recorder, a microwave, whatever it is you get a manual with it. You read it you learned how to use it, and then one day you throw out the microwave, the DVD player or whatever it is, but you’ve still got the manual in a drawer somewhere.  It’s just taking up space.

The result is its hard to find valuable information. Even if you have everything organize, if its filled with stuff you don’t need you still have problems finding the information that you are looking for.

It creates clutter. Its very difficult to overcome clutter even if you organise everything, if you have too much information it will be difficult to find the right information and it creates the situation of overwhelm. Your whole life becomes overwhelmed with lots and lots of bits of useless information, lots and lots of folders and files either in emails, your file system in your filing cabinets.

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