What Roles did I play last year?

In the course of each year we find that there are specific roles or functions that we perform, almost like parts being played in a movie. Some may seem minor and unimportant, whilst others form a core element of our identity.
Some of the roles we play are life long, whilst others are transient, perhaps only in existence for a few hours. It could be that one of the roles you play on a regular basis it that of parent, this is a role that for some people forms the core of their sense of identity, or that could come from your work. Other roles could be less important to you, it could be that you have a role as a son or daughter, but that role is secondary in your day to day life and therefore does not create a sense of who you are.
Also there may be roles you enjoy, that give you a sense of purpose or fun, and there may be roles that you do not enjoy, roles that drain you of energy that you wish you could let go of.
Write down all of the roles you played last year, meaning the areas of you life where you are in a specific position with its own specific requirements etc. It is probably surprising how many roles you have, for example: mother, father, wife, husband, son, daughter, teacher, mentor, trainer, journalist, volunteer, business owner, bus driver, salesman, writer etc. Write down all the areas you can think of.
That concludes the look to the past and where you have come from – what the past year looked like. This shows you where you are now, but that is not where you want to be one year from today.
We are now going onto your new and exciting year ahead. You will see that by having the goals and achievements of last year in front of you, you can make even clearer goals for this year and be, do and have what you always wanted!

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