What do I want to experience this year?

What do I want to experience this year?

When you come to the end of the year it is important that you have more than just the achievement of traditional ‘success’ goals, you have to have had a life! There is no point in focusing just on the outcomes at the end of the year, you also have to have had fun along the way and achieved the things that make your life truly interesting.

This can be even more of what you have experienced before or based on your boldest thoughts, i.e. a skydive, climb a mountain, go waterskiing, go on safari, drive a Ferrari, have a child…. I would suggest that you have a mixture of things that you want to achieve, some improvements on the things you did last year, others that are what I call ‘memory builders’.

When you come to the end of your life, much of the work and day-to-day things that you did along the way will be lost in the fog of time. When you are old and less able to set new goals or do the more active things, you will spend more time remembering the past and re-enjoying the fun things and the accomplishments that meant something to you. So this is an important section of the process of creating a prosperous life.

There are three questions that I know have had an impact on my thinking and have made me stop and really evaluate where I am going, what I am doing and what I really want for the future. These three questions are:

  • Did I live?
  • Did I love?
  • Did I matter?

When you come to the end of your life, if you can say yes to these three questions you will have enjoyed a life worth living. So make sure that you include these three factors as you look at the experiences you want to have over the coming year.

I knew a man that worked in a normal job, had little in the way of career ambition and seemed quite uninteresting in his day to day life, but every year he saved his money and chose a new exotic country for him and his wife to visit for 2 weeks. He would also take the time to create something with his hands in his spare time – one year it was a kit car, another year he landscaped his garden and so on. He also would give his time up to help out in the local care-home on a regular basis. These things gave him the sense that he had built experiences he could enjoy. He had created memories for his old age and had fun times along the way. You may want to create bigger memories and dreams, or you may decide that the simple things in life are what matter to you.

So decide what memories you want to lay down for the future and what you really want to achieve this year. Do not get hung up on any details here simply start to ask, how can I live, how can I love, and how can I matter.

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