Time Management and SMART Goals

Time Management and SMART Goals

Time management is of little real benefit unless you have a distinct outcome in mind, so effective goal setting is a key first ingredient of any time management system, but deciding Provigil online No prescription on what you want is only part of it, you also need to structure your goals in such a way that they become deeply compelling. In order to do this the SMART goal setting system is the best way to get your life on the right track. 

SMART goals are all about creating the future in a way that you know you are fired up to achieve it and the structure is designed to ensure you know you have covered all the bases.

S = Specific. Like any journey whether in life or in a car, you have to know where you are heading. It would be pointless getting in a car and driving without a clear destination in mind. So, being specific about your outcomes is vital. You really need to be able to know when you have achieved the goal and you need to know how your time management system is working to take you there.

M = Meaningful. All too many people set goals for someone else to achieve the outcome or set goals that they think they should set. This is a big mistake. It is vital that you set goals that are both in your control and that will give you the emotional drive to overcome the obstacles along the way.

A = As if now. Part of the process of building the drive and energy needed to carry you through the tough times. To do this it is important to programme the goals into the core of your subconscious mind, ensuring that your creativity and resourcefulness switches into top gear whenever needed. As the subconscious mind works only in the present moment and can only act in the present moment, it is important to programme the goals in the present moment, so word your goals as if you already have them achieved.

R = Responsible. It is vitally important to set goals that are responsible, this means that they are good for you, good for others and good for the environment. If nothing else they should certainly do no harm. This factor builds the long term growth of your life more than you might think.

T = Time bound. You must set a time when the goal is to be achieved. This is so important for any time management system, there is little point in managing your time if you fail to set a time for the completion of your goals.

Overall, SMART goals are the cornerstone of an effective time management system that will drive your life forward to achieve all that you want in any area of your life.

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