Time Management and Goal Setting From Start to Finish

Effective time management requires effective goal setting as the foundation of achieving anything. The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland put it very well when Alice asked him which way she should go, he replied that is depended where she wanted to end up. When she said she didn’t care where she ended up, he simply said it did not matter which way she went. This is true in every area of your life and in every endeavour you seek to undertake.There is no point in any time management system if you are not clear about the outcomes you are seeking. This is the main reason why every time management system should begin with a clearly defined goal setting system to create the carefully defined outcomes you will manage your time towards.As part of any goal setting system, there are two factors that are the first steps in defining your journey, firstly where you want to get to and secondly where you are now. Without these two factors you are stacking any chance of success against you. In addition, another thing that is important to consider is your past efforts at achieving goals.

It could be that you are actually trying to achieve goals that are not practical for you to attempt from where you are now and that you are therefore better off setting intermediate goals on the way to the bigger goals. Normally goal setting systems tell you to think big and this is a very important thing – go for the big goals and really get determined about achieving them, but also consider other factors as well. Have you tried to achieve this goal before? In which case what stopped you last time? What can you learn from the previous attempt? Are there resources you need that you didn’t have last time? All these are really important considerations when you are setting goals, because these will help define milestones along the path to your ultimate success.

Only when you have all these factors in place can you realistically decide on the goals you are going to go for and the time scales that you will work to. Evaluating your past successes and learning experiences ensures that you know exactly where you are now. Once you know where you want to end up, it is a simple matter of plotting a course.

So the starting point of time management is goal setting and the starting point of goals setting is establishing where you are now and where you want to end up.

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