Get SMART Goals

Get SMART Goals

Having a system for creating goals ensures that you have all the ingredients in place to achieve them. It is always useful to keep to the SMART method of goal setting:

S= Specific
M= Meaningful to you
A= As if now
R= Responsible
T= Time bound

Specific means that you clearly define what the goal looks like in its completed state.
So if you want to increase your income, you would not say; “I want more money”, or “I want enough to be happy”, as these are not clearly defined. You would work out how much more you need and then write that amount down, such as “I double my income in the next 12 months”.

If you want to get fit, define what fitness actually means to you and how you will know when you have achieved it. So you could define your goal by saying you will run every day and extend the distance until you can complete 2 miles every day. Alternatively you could work on outcomes such as weight lifting goals or swimming distances.

Being specific could also include setting mini goals on the way to the ultimate goal, and we will be covering that later in this website. Meaningful to you means that it must be something that you want very much. It cannot be something someone else wants, and it must be something you really want, not just something you think you “should” want. Saying things like “I should be earning an extra fifty thousand a year” is not a valid reason to set that goal. Instead only set a goal for extra money if it can be used to provide something for you that is meaningful. This could be for a number of reasons, and any reason would be completely personal for you.

This is actually one of the biggest traps that people fall in to when they are setting goals, either they are setting goals they think they should be happy with or they are setting goals other people want. You must know that the achievement of the goal will make you feel strong positive emotions.

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