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Values and Beliefs

Posted by on 10 Apr 2012 in Time Management | Comments Off on Values and Beliefs

As discussed earlier, we all have core values and beliefs; whether we know it or not. These values and beliefs completely determine the direction of your life – nothing else has such a profound effect on your future. So sorting this area out will make all the difference when it comes to goal achievement. If you have ever had difficulty achieving goals in the past then it is highly likely that you will have had conflict in your values and beliefs. When your values are compromised you feel bad and when you are living your life in-line with...

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Planning Your Week

Posted by on 2 Apr 2012 in Time Management | Comments Off on Planning Your Week

Once you have your month planned, it is time to break that down into weekly chunks that you can then break down into daily tasks. Planning your week is very much the same as planning your month in that you take your goals for the month and break them down into weekly chunks. Each week you go back to the outcomes you have set for the month. You then decide what you are going to do that week to achieve those goals based on what you have achieved so far in the month. I recommend doing this on a day when you have the time and detachment to think...

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Posted by on 26 Mar 2012 in Time Management | Comments Off on Training

It is not possible to effectively train staff on-the-job except on a one-to-one basis, which makes implementation across the company time consuming and less likely to show an immediately visible change in productivity. This means that the results are more difficult to measure as quickly. In addition, unless you have a small company, it is not practical to try and train everyone at once. You need enough staff to be able to follow up the training and to ensure the implementation of the system. The most effective method of training is in a...

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Inevitability Thinking Wins

Posted by on 19 Mar 2012 in Time Management | Comments Off on Inevitability Thinking Wins

When deciding on your plan of action it is vital to set yourself up to succeed. All too many people set ambitious goals and develop detailed plans to achieve them, only to find that the plans do not lead to the goal. It’s a bit like deciding to drive from London to Glasgow, mapping out the most effective route, but failing to remember that you need to get a car before you set off. With any outcome there are a number of conditions that need to be in place to ensure that you achieve the desired result. You need to know what road blocks you are...

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Time Management: The Sales People

Posted by on 12 Mar 2012 in Time Management | Comments Off on Time Management: The Sales People

There are three key factors that every sales person within most industries really should place as golden rules in their daily routine. Sales people have to be available for customer calls, so this needs to be allowed for in the schedule. Although it is important to avoid interruptions in your day, if your primary focus is customer sales, then being responsive to customers is a very important part of your position. In order to allow for this, allow extra time for each task and larger gaps between tasks. Allow 2.5 hours per day for cold...

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