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Chris BallHi,

I am Chris Ball and I am pleased that you stopped by to find out a bit about me.

I first started to get interested in Time Management when I was starting my first business back in the 1980s. I realised that as I got passed a few customers and a few projects to work on that I needed a system to ensure that I got as much done in the day as possible. I also found that as I got more and more busy, I was working longer hours into the evening and at weekends. With the addition of a PC at home and then the Internet, my ability to work long hours grew and I knew that I would have to manage my time better.

Key problems I had included dealing with interruptions, staff that needed my assistance, conflicting priorities etc. All of these needed to be resolved whilst at the same time providing access to customers and support to my staff, and maintaining decisive progress towards my personal goals and business targets.

Over the last 25 years I have steadily researched and developed strategies and techniques for improving my time management and that of the people that worked for me and my coaching clients. I have found that many busy executives and managers simple end up in overwhelm because they lack a few key strategies to manage their work load.

Now it has become a total passion for me to maximise not only the amount of time I have for working, but also to ensure that I can switch off from work and get the most out of my home life as well. As I now work exclusively from home, having a system to keep me on track and focused at all times is even more important – it is too easy just to forget to stop working if you don’t schedule it (well it is for me as I love my work).

This site has been put together to allow me to share with you the tips strategies and technique I have learned over the years, and also to promote my book, ‘Time to Prosper’ I hope you enjoy it.

To your prosperity,

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